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Grow Tea Company sources teas & herbs from all over the globe. We are proud of where our product comes from.

Kagoshima, Japan

Our sencha tea comes from Kagoshima perfecture, at the sothernmost tip of Japan. This area has been ranked one of the best growing regions in Japan. With an active volcano and farmers will have to wipe the tea leaves of volcanic ash.

Kagoshima is known for producing high quality products, the largest export being tea, followed by rice, sugar cane, and sweet potatoes. The areas mild and warm climate allows them to grow and harvest the first sencha of the year in Japan.


Dimbula, Sri Lanka

Located in the central mountain region of Sri Lanka, Dimbula, derives its name from the valley that is in the center. It is a very rural part of the country that is mainly inhabited by tea farmers, and elephants. Dimbula teas are considered high-grown plants, and this area is wet and misty for most of the year, then cool dry winds set in for the other parts of year. This produces a distinctive flavour profile for teas grown in this region. 

Before the tea production came to this area, it was known as the Land of Illusions, and was said to inhabit demons and evil spirits. People were exiled to these harsh lands, most never to be seen from again. 


 Yunnan Province, China

Yunnan is the southwesternmost province in China and is most well known for producing Pu'erh Tea. Its climate is diverse with wet summers, dry winters in one area, and then part of the the province has a more tropical climate.

This is one of the oldest tea producing regions in the world and was an important part of the trading network in the Ancient Tea Horse Road. This was a trade route mainly through Yunnan, Sichuan and Tibet that allowed people to trade tea for horses. It is one of the longest routes in the world, more than 10,000 km long, few travelers never made it through the whole journey.


 Nile River Delta, Egypt

Nile Delta is in Lower Egypt where the Nile river drains into the Mediterranean Sea. It is an extremely fertile and productive agricultural region that has been farmed for over 5000 years. Part of the great desert belt, the Delta is warm throughout the year. This farmland used to flood annually giving rich nutrients to the soil, allowing for hearty growth of herbs.


Washington, USA

This area's warm days, cool nights and irrigated pastures make for ideal conditions to grow mint. Our organic spearmint comes from this area, the top producer of spearmint oil in the nation. The winters in Washington actually help this plant's essential oils. The snow acts as an insulated blanket for the next growing season.