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About Grow Tea Company

An online tea retailer connecting the plant, people, and places that create each cup of tea. Supplying our community with the educational insights within the botanical brewing industry.

We are committed to being transparent of what and where our products are. Using sustainable vendors, and environmentally friendly packaging, we ensure our practices are in line with our values. 

We continue to elevate the tea business by offering our clients a one of a kind tea experience through botanical education.

About Our Founder

Jordan has had a passion of tea from a very early age. Constantly educating herself on all aspects of botanicals. She took Tea sommelier courses throughout University, has traveled many parts of the globe drinking teas and tisanes. Living in the Canadian Rockies, she then realized it was time to become an entrepreneur and share her wealth of botanical knowledge. She focuses on the incredible value tea can bring to everyday life; comfort, stress relief, energy, and social connection. To her, each tea tells a story.

About Our Illustrator

A watercolorist, graphic designer, and plant enthusiast, Kelsey Nollette is a certified Natural Science Illustrator from the University of Washington. Her artwork is an effort to show what is not seen at first glance; a spotlight on what is beautiful, stark, and serene. Elated with the opportunity to illustrate teas for Grow Tea Company, she has a great affection for painting a plant that tells a deeper story; an important part of human life, diet, culture, and landscape. Painting the tea plants is a rewarding experience, as it is not often an artist can enjoy drinking their subject during the process.

About Our Photographer

Anna Robi is a gourmet food photographer originally boren in La Belle Province of Quebec. After many years of studying visual arts, she graduated in Commercial Photography at Marsan. Her love for wildlife and her traveller spirit made her cross the country to the Canadian Rockies where she found herself at home for almost 10 years. Anna is a passionate artist who loves photography just as much as being surrounded by mother nature. Being an epicurean, she appreciates local, fresh, organic food but her favourite ingredient will and always has been love. In Anna's life, a good day starts with a Grow Tea, photography and a good story. 

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